The Officially Unofficial Podcast Review

Talk the Talk AND Walk the Walk

Self-Publishing School Founder Chandler Bolt talks about the launch of his recently updated book Published.

Leslie Lindsey Davis
7 min readDec 22, 2021

Wow! Where did I put my autograph book??? This review is much longer than usual because I have combined three of the most amazing self-interviews/podcasts so you won’t have to scramble around looking for the information. Who has me running around like a crazier person searching for their autograph book? None other than Chandler Bolt himself!!!! Yes, yes, yes. I will put all of the links at the end.

Did I mention that he is on the Forbes list of Top 30 under 30?

Yes, this week and the past two weeks, Chandler has interviewed himself and shared the behind-the-scenes details of launching the second edition of his bestselling book Published. If you have EVER entertained the tiniest idea of publishing a book — go right now and grab a copy (Besides, I have included LOTS of references to specific chapters). To quote Chandler —

books change lives”. To quote me — “there is a you out there waiting to hear exactly what you needed to hear all of those years ago. Write the book”.

Spoiler alert — I kept waiting for the famous Chandler Bolt question because I was anxious to hear the answer. He forgot to ask it. Sigh.

Ok, enough of that — ready to dive in? This will be in three parts (because three podcasts broke down the information so nicely!) and a lot of bullet points. Grab your pen and highlighter. I can’t wait to hear your biggest take-action item! Oh, and share this article with someone who is thinking about publishing a book!

Part 1 — Lessons learned about writing and relaunching

The book was first published in 2016 and as Chandler commented — he realized it could be so much better because of everything he had learned the past five years. So, he did what he teaches. He got clear on why he was going to update the book, set a goal, and broke it down into a timeline with an end in sight. Then he made dates with himself and did the work.

I took a stand for myself, this book…



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